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Have you ever thought OR been told you'd make a great Realtor?

Believe it or not, that is how many successful Real Estate careers begin!  Often times people aren’t sure what the career entails, licensing requirements, how agents are compensated, what training is provided by the company and more.  Listed below are a few FAQ that will help give you a few of the basics.  If you are considering Real Estate as a career, I would encourage you to watch the short video below and schedule a time to meet in person to discuss if it might be a good fit!  I am happy to answer questions, explain how we teach you to grow a successful business, walk you through any concerns you might have and even introduce you to a couple agents to ask how they like the career and what it takes to be successful.

Review some of the Frequently Asked Questions and the short video below and call me at 314-780-1774 to schedule a time to discuss if this might be your future career!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What does it take to obtain a Real Estate License? 

Answer: Certificate that indicates you completed 48 Hours Pre-Exam Instruction

Passing Real Estate Exam scores on an Application

Certificate that indicates you completed 24 Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice

Fingerprinting for the State of Missouri


What options are there to attend Real Estate School?

Answer:  You really have 4 options for meeting your 48 hour Pre-Exam commitment.  In-Classroom Instruction Daytime, In-Classroom Instruction Evenings, Home Study Booklet, or Online Tutorials.


How long does it take to complete Real Estate School & the Licensing Requirements? 

Answer: Typically Agents are able to complete all of the requirements to obtain a license in LESS than 1 Month!


Do you need to have a Sales background to excel in the Real Estate Business?

Answer: No: Some of the highest producing agents in the company come from Teaching, Nursing, and non-Business backgrounds.  Of course, having business sense and experience never hurts but clearly is not a prerequisite.  As the #1 Real Estate Agency in St. Louis, we train our Associates to have what it takes to build a successful business from the ground up.


Does Coldwell Banker Gundaker provide training?

Answer: YES - Once you have your license, we provide the majority or your training & coaching for little to NO cost.  Coldwell Banker Gundaker is the #1 Real Estate company in St. Louis and does more business than the next 3 competitors COMBINED! Our training platform is proven to give Agents the support and knowledge they need to assist them in building a successful business. 


Does Coldwell Banker Gundaker provide a scholarship program?

Answer: Yes- See the video below!   




For a limited time only.  If a Coldwell Banker Gundaker manager agrees to sponsor you, the cost of the 2 courses needed to apply for your Missouri Real Estate license will be paid for by Coldwell Banker Gundaker (a $475 Value).  Terms and conditions apply.



Whether you are considering a career in Real Estate OR a seasoned Realtor, call me today at No Obligation to discuss your career in Real Estate!


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